About Us

This is usually the space where an aspirational story is shared about how the company came to be. And this is where we are going to disappoint you. We’re just a group of people who believe in hope.  Optimists who look at the glass as half full and believe that everyone is entitled to a shot at their slice of the pie. 


The purchase of a simple tin of mints can become your ticket to luxury.
That’s right.  We want to be your Fairy Godmother. Your Willy Wonka. Your good luck socks. Your lucky star.


Watch this space
for new and upcoming

Watch this space
for new and upcoming

Watch this space
for new and upcoming


How It Works

1. Getting the Chance to win
a big ticket item
can be as easy as 1-2-3!

2. Check out the currently
featured deals.
(new ones are added frequently)

3. Purchase the listed item for a chance to win the deal... then sit back and wait to find out!


Purchase an item from our list of useful everyday products.  Every purchase generates a prize draw ticket for a high value item. So now you have 1 product and 1 prize draw ticket.


Once the required number of items are sold to trigger a prize draw, oWOWo will hold an in-person draw conducted by the Dubai Economy department.


Repeat the process. Win big. Win often.

Our featured products are great - useful, everyday items that everyone needs at some point.

Pocket-sized mints for all those times you wish you had a mint handy. (*wink wink*)

Coloring pencils that help bring out the kid in you or just keep the kid(s) you already have occupied!

Notepads for those great idea moments.

Key chains to keep doors opening (just in case Opportunity knocks!) and car doors unlocking.

Colorful socks that are a fashion statement and a great conversation starter.

Sporting a cedar wood natural finish, oWOWo's #2 pencil is a sleek tool for the dedicated writer.

We know all that sounds pretty good. But now we’re really going to make you say ‘oWOWo’!